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i have a failed hard drive , the drive is dead , i have sent it to kroll ontrack , but they are meant to be the best , their sales team is not so smart and didn't know what to tell me about my drive when i was calling them many times and tom who works there  , just told me there was a technical failure and that was it , there was limited responses , from the best data recovery company

i was dealing with mike sewell , who didn't even care he went on holiday , rather than giving my drive to another person to sort out my drive i had to wait for him to come back and i when i got a reply off him it was a bill of the highest amount possible to get my data back , i think this was charged because on the form i sad the data was very valuable to me as it was all my work i had ever done , kroll have 4 levels of payment and level 4 being the highest and i got level 4

 i would have paid this amount if they told me what was wrong with the drive and if he was nice about telling me what the drive needs to be done to it , they sent me a report of the drives annalist , which was there was a scan failure , this information was very broad and didn't give anything away

so i told mike i could not afford the service and i wanted my drive back he was very rude and didn't care at all from the way he sounded and didn't tell me anything about the technical faults about the drive , he then took my address and got the address totally wrong i told him the address like 3 times but he didn't take it down properly , i had to contact them several times to get my drive and then i had to contact DHL several times to get my drive back , seems like mike sewell was only interested in taking my money

am sure they are good but in my experience it seems like their sales people were not so smart and the technician was rude

i have contacted western digital as my dive is a western digital but western digital seem to not have and valid phone numbers that are working and i also contacted them form their email address but they told me to ring them on the number that don't work i found the data recovery service they use , on their website which is disklabs but they have old reviews…

 i rang them up and asked them if they had any new reviews or on other sites , they told me to contact western digital  to get some references but western digital phone numbers are not valid

so what i have done is look on-line and found this article


for the united kingdom it has kroll and seagate which are easily able to get my drive to , seagate seems to be good but the reviews i found about seagate are good and bad they start off bad and then they become good…

but there are only 2 and they seem like they were recovered in the USA lab by the sound of it and , well if i send seagate my drive it will go to the Amsterdam lab

i have called them a few times and i talk to the sales people they seem to be technically knowledgeable with what they told me , such as what to do when your drive is clicking what steps to take , why they are so cheap , what they offer  and things are not done in a lab and are done in a float box which none of the data recovery services i called told me , i called many services who recover data in England but they don't come across to be certified or real or the reviews have fake comments and they have complaints on how the companies are not who they claim to be

i am talking  about seagate as they make drives but the problem i have is they have a video like this…

But it’s made by seagate so its staged and has the best from their customers and its hard to say if they are even real customers

well after all this had happened , I called them up and asked them how and where to send the drive , I think anyone who would use their service should do this and call the company as the form you have to fill in can be confusing and they are willing to help , I got stuck at the place where you have to tell them about what you want in your file priorities and there is a space where you can leave your file location and write as many words as you want because I wrote a big paragraph it didn’t run out,  I thought I was doing everything right , but I called them again just to make sure I was sending the HDD to Seagate and they directed me in the right direction , as this type of thing is confusing , so please call when to check your items , even if you think you are right , as they have a good customer service

after you fill in the form with your account details , you get directed to another website , the site where you have to refill your account details , I think this is to make your transaction is secure , when it goes through you then get to a page telling you to print out the information for UPS delivery I could not do this and there was not save option on their page for the label to print out which is a silly and a let-down I had to wait till the next day to get the delivery information , by calling them on office hours in Amsterdam , their phone number is free as well to call them , but I think this only applies to landline please check yourself and I then gave them my account number and she sent me an email with the printing label for UPS delivery I got the label printed locally but I had to call Ups for the pick up the package I think I got stuck with an idiot sales person , who didn’t even take my information down to get my package and well I called them the next day after the pickup  deadline the sales person had given me and I was through to another sales person who told me the last sales person I spoke to yesterday  had not recorded my details down in their records so this is why no one had come to get my parcel form 9 A.M to 12 noon , so she told me I can get someone to pick up the package form today 12 noon till 7 pm or I can tell you a local depot you can take it to , which are close by normally they are about 2 miles around where people live that are local shops with other businesses so I told her I will deliver it to the local shop depot and well so don’t book me in for the 12 noon to 7 am pick up today I leave my house about 2 hours later for some reason the Ups delivery man was there and I told him what had happened and he knew the issue before I even told him that sometimes they don’t record the item in their records and he scanned the bar code on the printed label and told me its recorded now , which was a relief ,

(please pack your items tightly and securely in like a non-static bag and I used old clothes to wrap my HDD in which seemed to work well as I didn’t have bubble wrap and tapped it up as much as I could, there is a 3 Kg maximum,  I when to the royal mail to see how much my package was weighed at and it was under 1kg but I wanted to make sure and its free because I only have bathroom scales in my house and they are not accurate )

It took some days for the item to get to Amsterdam as I live in the UK and when they get your item it will let you know by email and show you a status chart of 4 things such as

A chart with the progress of your account and says it’s getting worked on how much data they can get back and when they will delivery it back to you , it takes about 2 weeks for the whole recovery process , and you may have to call them to know where you will get your item back to you

I got back 99.9% of my data back there were only 2 files that were corrupted, but I am lucky I have these file backed up and which were about 150MB but they got about 250GB all together and they will send you a HDD included in the 460 pounds, but if you send them the HDD to be analysed they will charge about 60 pounds for delivery and looking at the drive , most places will not charge 60 pounds for that , but only change for the delivery cost and the service will be free , like at kroll

I think that segate did very well and I just want people to know I was struggling for 2 months with this situation and wish I could read what anyone else had to go through

I am writing this because Seagate has not got a lot of presents for their recovery service online  , so a consumer can get their data back , people were offering me from 50 pounds to about 3000 pounds to get my data back I did a lot of research and must have called about 100 pc repair shops HDd recovery places

 and well  I think it is a good option compared to the other companies that charge thousands to get your data back , I think paying over 450 pounds is expensive , but I t was worth  it and I hope this will help people , if they are in the same situation as me


, please contact me if you have any questions 

digital : ryu chun-li 01 2015 by darshan2good
digital : ryu chun-li 01 2015 

this is some i took on for fun i don't think this will get any where like everything else i have done but this was fun to make , it was based on a concept that fans wanted to see , of chun li and ryu being together and well this was my version of it , i made it rain and felt it fitted very well this was made around January but i was not meant to put it on-line for a while till the ryu and chun li comic was released 
digital : ghost in the shell Kokaku face 2015 by darshan2good
digital : ghost in the shell Kokaku face 2015
made this because i wanted to draw one of the best amines of all time it is visually stunning and has inspired the matrix , i made this different to the character form the movie poster i wanted to show her eyes because i thought it would look better and gave her the camouflage head gear i kept this simple but in terms of the pose and angle , i hope it turned out well 

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